Goodwill Northern New England


2021 Goals:

Many nonprofits can tell you, in one sentence, what they do for their community. Ours isn’t that easy, because our mission is help people thrive and find stability, and that means something different for every person. What we can be crystal clear about is where we are headed and what it will mean to our employees and those we serve. Our 10-year goal is to help bring 10,000 households into stability in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont by 2027.

Fundraising Events:

It all adds up. When you shop at our stores, please round up your purchase, 100% of your spare change helps support the needs of our friends and neighbors throughout our three-state territory. And while you’re at it, you can also help us clear up the rumors about Goodwill that have lived on for far too long. Check out the truth at

Giving Opportunities:

The best ways to support Goodwill NNE’s work is to shop at our stores and make a direct financial gift, stock donation or include us in your estate planning. Visit to get additional information.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at Goodwill NNE. You could volunteer to mentor, interview or support someone in our workforce programs and make a difference in the life of someone who needs you. See how to volunteer by going to

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Kelli D’Amore
Nathan Wechsler

Pete Groth
Vice Chair
Community Volunteer

Geoffrey Baur
Treasurer, IDEXX

John Valpey
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Mary Baumgartner
Bowdoin College

Yvonne Goldberry
Endowment for Health

Andy Mayo

Lynn Stanley
National Association of Social Workers

Tiffany Breau-Metivier

Ned Helms
Community Volunteer

Sarah Morton
Saco School Department

Eric P. Stauffer

David Damour
Community Volunteer

Paul Ligon
Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

Mimi Simpson
Dartmouth College

Gary Vogel
Drummond Woodsum


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