Frontline workers offered first-time homebuyer grants

New Hampshire Housing initiative provides $3,000 toward closing costs to eligible individuals

First RespondersThe New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority has launched an initiative to help essential frontline workers become homeowners.

The new Community Heroes Initiative provides a $3,000 closing-cost credit to eligible first-time homebuyers who finance through one of New Hampshire Housing’s Plus mortgage programs. Eligible borrowers include healthcare, daycare and eldercare workers; law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders; educators; and active members of the armed services.

The initiative’s $3,000 grant goes directly to the lender as a closing-cost credit, and the borrower is not required to repay this credit, the agency said. There is a maximum program income limit of $135,300, and funding for the initiative is limited.

“It is our privilege to assist these essential workers who want to become homeowners,” said Ignatius MacLellan, managing director of New Hampshire Housing’s Homeownership Division. “These individuals have provided critical services to communities in the Granite State, and they and their families have made many sacrifices during this extraordinary time.”

Details about the program and eligibility are at:


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