Fiorina is a proven barrier-breaker

The road to a more prosperous America calls for more than soaring rhetoric

Increasing prosperity for all Americans, and securing our future, cry out for a leader whose skills go far beyond campaign rhetoric. The promises we hear from the field of presidential candidates stand on clay feet unless that person has the courage to take on established interest groups and can deliver the changes we need.

Carly Fiorina correctly makes the case for how big government, teaming with big corporations and big labor unions backed by media support, have been crushing the middle class. Her message of overcoming the obstacles imposed by the status quo interests is a message that awakens and energizes.

More than any of the other candidates, she brings a deep understanding of the regulatory and tax barriers that must be overcome in order to unleash the potential of our entrepreneurs and middle class.

Her own personal history of rising from secretarial pool to CEO of HP was achieved with a potent mix of identifying barriers, incredible personal drive to break through, and the courage to take on the status quo that blocked the path.

To be truly effective at improving lives, a foundation of competencies honed in the results oriented real world of business is essential. Her ability to create a vision and communicate it with clarity is rooted in a solid understanding of economics and technologies to guide her proposed policies.

Her business accomplishments, ultimately launching Carly to the helm of the world’s largest technology firm, are undisputable proof of competency. Her incredible rise must also be attributed to her strength of character guided by a moral compass that energizes, inspires, and earns loyalty.

My enthusiasm in supporting Carly is also linked to my own personal story. I am a former social worker who became convinced that people need a hand up, rather than a hand out.

Thirty-six years ago, an angel investor believed in me. He supported my starting up Cirtronics Corp., enabling me to grow a business that now provides employment for a work force approaching 200. As a CEO with values aligned with Carly’s, I deeply appreciate her ability to see the potential in others, and the importance of creating an environment to make them successful.

Career politicians are good at reacting to focus group inputs, followed by polished pandering. The road to a more prosperous America calls for more than soaring rhetoric. We need Carly Fiorina, a proven barrier breaker, to loosen the grip of the status quo so that we can rise.

Gerardine Ferlins is CEO of Cirtronics Corp., Milford.

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