Facts are silly things

It’s always an instructive experience when Jennifer Donahue, senior adviser for political affairs at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, appears on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “The Exchange.”

In a March 9 appearance, Donahue, expounding on the then-budding presidential race and New Hampshire’s role in it, taught listeners about the Granite State’s three electoral votes, one fewer than we actually have. That means she may have either dropped one of our congressional districts from her calculations or forgot that we have two U.S. senators.

More recently, on July 6, Donahue was invited aboard “The Exchange” to discuss the effect of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will have on the campaign. This time her exposition included a reference to Edwards’ second-place finish in New Hampshire – a generous amount of spin if there ever was any.

Edwards, for all his charm and ability on the stump, finished fourth in the 2004 primary.

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