Equipment starts fire at Batesville

NASHUA – Fire officials say sparks from grinding equipment were the cause of a small fire at the Batesville Casket Co. Thursday afternoon.

Employees evacuated the building at 57 Palm St. and called 911 at about 2:05 p.m., after noticing flames in an area between the second and third story floorboards, Nashua Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Michael O’Brien said.

Fire crews arrived minutes later and found employees had extinguished most of the fire in the floor, and worked to ensure the fire was completely out.

The fire was later determined to have been started by an ember thrown while workers at the company were using grinding equipment.

The fire was discovered immediately after it started by an employee whose job was to watch for such fire hazards during grinding operations, he said.

The blaze caused damage to a six-inch area of the floor, he said.

All of the company employees were later allowed back inside the building.