Department of Business and Economic Affairs launches statewide project to address housing needs

Regional planning commissions enlisted to develop ideas, strategies for communities

Rhnalogo RegionalThe state Department of Business and Economic Affairs has launched a yearlong Regional Housing Needs Assessment project aimed at coming up with ideas and strategies communities can use to address the statewide need for affordable housing.

The project is conducted in partnership with the agency’s Office of Planning and Development and the NH Community Development Finance Authority. It is funded by an American Rescue Plan State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund grant.

Under the initiative the state’s nine regional planning commissions will study the trends and challenges affecting housing in the state, with the goal of coming up with assessments to assist communities in creating solutions to meet future demand.

To start the project, the each regional planning commission is conducting a community survey that encourages residents to share their thoughts on the impact the housing crisis has had on them – what has worked and what they think needs to change.

The planning commissions will use then survey data, along with other data from a variety of sources, with the goal of providing resources, strategies and recommendations to municipalities, to assist in their efforts to ensure housing availability.

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