Batting cage donation raises board question

MERRIMACK – When it comes to sports innovations, girls here seem to be a couple of steps ahead of guys.

The Board of Selectmen on Thursday approved a donation of batting cages to Bise Field in Reeds Ferry for use by Little League baseball players. The cages, with a value of $7,700, were donated by the Merrimack Youth Association.

Selectman Carolyn Whitlock asked MYA President Terry Benhardt how many girls are in Little League. Benhardt said only a handful of girls participate.

Whitlock then asked if the cages would only be used by Little League players.

Seeing where Whitlock was going, Benhardt headed her off at the pass.

The girls softball program in town has its own batting cages already, Benhardt said.

He noted that some of the smaller sports programs, such as girls softball and field hockey, tend to be more innovative than larger ones, like youth baseball and basketball. With the smaller numbers and tighter focus, players, parents and volunteer coaches often are a step ahead at making innovative changes, Benhardt said.

In fact, Little League sought the batting cages after seeing how successful they were at helping the softball batters, he said.

Firefighters union endorses candidate

HUDSON – The Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire have thrown their support behind a candidate in the state Senate race.

The union endorsed Robert “Bob” Clegg, who’s running for re-election in Senate District 14 (made up of Hudson, Londonderry and Auburn).

Hudson firefighter Steve Benton, who is also local union president, said “Senator Clegg is easily approachable, providing a listening ear and a strong ally when he is on your side. He has helped us numerous times, most recently standing with us in our efforts to raise money for MDA and Jerry’s Kids. That is the type of guy he is.”

The Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire represents approximately 2000 paid professional firefighters, paramedics and retirees covering 38 locals within the state.