Asbestos removal work wrapped up

LYNDEBOROUGH – The Central School is now free of asbestos. All of the old tiles and mastic were removed during the summer, along with the carpeting that has covered them for many years.

The removal work was done by Air Quality Experts of Salem, under a contract with Desmarais Environment of Barrington.

Final air quality sampling has been done and the report is due soon.

For several years, the school has had air quality problems caused partly by mold, blamed in part on the old carpeting. The floors are now covered with dark gold tiles.

The school’s lighting has been upgraded by Public Service of New Hampshire, under a program in which the upgrade is paid for with savings from the reduced electricity consumption. PSNH retains a portion of the monthly savings until the work has been paid for, while the school also will see a reduction in electric charges.

With the new lighting, classrooms are much brighter and the light is more natural.

The School Board on Monday also discussed the repair of the school’s parking lot, which has a number of cracks and holes.

The town selectmen have agreed to discuss the problem with road agent Mark Chase. Officials have determined the lot could hold 25 cars with proper space markings, and two spaces would be reserved for visitors to eliminate parking in the fire lane in front of the school.