6 New Hampshire businesses file for bankruptcy in June

June was pretty much the same as May when it came to bankruptcy filings in New Hampshire.Some 329 households and business filed for bankruptcy in June 2012, only 14 fewer filings than in May. Bankruptcy filings in both months, however, were far lower than they have been in the same months over the last few years. June’s total was 19 percent lower than June 2011, for instance, and 35 percent lower than June 2010. It was the 18th straight year-over-year monthly decrease and the fewest number in June since 2007.It is also the lowest number of bankruptcies recorded this year, aside from the 316 filed in January.Six businesses filed in June compared to five in May and six in April. They are:• Avalanche Property Solutions LLC, Epsom, filed June 11, Chapter 7. Assets: Less than $50,000. Liabilities: $100,000 to $500,000.• R&E Investment Group LLC, Exeter, filed June 12, Chapter 11. Assets: $265,000. Liabilities: $672,034.• Bedrock Paving & Const. Inc., Deerfield, filed June 15, Chapter 7. Assets: $0. Liabilities: $100,829.• S&N Northwood Realty Associates LLC, Northwood, filed June 18, Chapter 11. Assets: $1,642,500. Liabilities: $1,222,931.• Family Home Builders of New Hampshire LLC, (managed by Vatche Manoukian, a Nashua developer), Nashua, filed June 21, Chapter 11. Assets and Liabilities: $100,000-$500,000.• Cutler & Page LLC, (also managed by Manoukian), Nashua, filed June 25, Chapter 11. Assets: $100,000-$500,000. Liabilities: $500,000-$1 million. – BOB SANDERS/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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