2020 Business Excellence Winner: Mark Stebbins of Procon

Mark Stebbins, chairman and CEO of Procon in Hooksett, is the Business Excellence recipient in the real estate and construction category for a large organization
Mark Stebbins Chairman And Ceo

It is Mark who has built Procon’s reputation as a leader in the construction industry and generous supporter of its community nonprofits.

Mark is the third generation to lead Procon, which is celebrating 85 years in business.

Under his leadership for the last 40 years, Procon has grown from a company that only performed construction services with sales of less than $5 million to designing and building projects throughout the Northeast with $200 million in revenue.

Procon has 95% repeat business — a statistic that is virtually unheard of in the construction industry — and employee turnover of less than 6%.

Mark prides himself on the family atmosphere at Procon, and truly cares about his employees and his community at large. When Covid hit, Mark offered Granite United Way a $100,000 challenge match to help those most in need. He also worked with the Manchester Boys & Girls Club to completely renovate Camp Foster and also gave $1 million toward their goal with a challenge match.

Mark knows the value of success is enjoying it with those around us.

Nominated by: Tracey Pelton of Procon

Categories: Business Excellence Award Recipients