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Resilient NH, a special magazine from NH Business Review, illustrates New Hampshire’s collective approach to problem solving.


Jeff Feingold, NH Business Review editor

In the year of Covid, we watched everything around us change, seemingly immediately. Our communities, state, nation and the world were forced to adapt and adjust, become familiar with new ways of working, learning, shopping and socializing. For so many of us, the year meant hardship, and often pain and heartache.

But, as human beings have shown throughout their history, we learn and bounce back. If anything, the past year has shown us the very meaning of the word “resilient.”

Even in the earliest stages of the pandemic – when no one knew how long or how deadly Covid-19 would be – individuals, businesses and organizations almost immediately began doing their best to move forward. They created new products, services and programs to meet the very specific needs of the times.

That ability to bounce back from adversity is at the heart of “Resilient NH,” this special publication from NH Business Review. In it we feature reflections by and stories about some impressive, successful – and, yes, resilient – Granite Staters. Their stories are insightful, compelling and inspirational. And they offer lessons in how to learn from adversity and becoming all the stronger and wiser because of it.

Inside the magazine:

Resilientnh 2021Hear from powerhouse Granite Staters who have addressed personal, business and community challenges in a way that offers 300-level storytelling advice to help business professionals apply their expertise to their own specific challenges.


  • Howard Brodsky
  • Joy Barrett
  • Marty Parichand
  • Wendy Tirollo
  • John Broderick
  • Teresa Rosenberger
  • Marty Sink
  • Mike L’Ecuyer

Essays by:

  • Susan C. Ryan
  • Mary Jo Brown
  • Doug Teschner
  • Rashida Eltag Mohamed
  • Amanda Grappone Osmer
  • Russ Ouellette


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