Report details how global investment drives New Hampshire’s economy

New Hampshire among U.S. leaders in share of local jobs created by global companies

A new report released today by the Global Business Alliance highlights New Hampshire’s national leadership in attracting jobs and inbound foreign direct investment (FDI) from global companies.  In New Hampshire, 8.4 percent of all private sector employees work for foreign-headquartered companies – the second highest share out of all 50 states.

About 49,800 workers in New Hampshire – including 22,100 manufacturing workers – are employed by the 520 global companies operating plants, offices and other facilities in the state.  Companies from the U.K., Canada and France support the largest number of FDI-linked jobs in New Hampshire.

Nancy McLernon, CEO of the Global Business Alliance, explained the significance of global investment to New Hampshire’s local economy:

“New Hampshire’s strong business climate, highly skilled workforce and high quality of life make the state a magnet for global companies looking to invest and grow here in the U.S.  From technology and healthcare to manufacturing and financial services, global companies are integral to the fabric of New Hampshire’s local economy.

“New Hampshire’s leadership in attracting global investment translates directly into good, high-paying jobs. Nationally, global companies pay their American workers 18 percent more than the U.S. average.

“As we talk about what it means to ‘buy American’, we need to remember that includes products manufactured right here in New Hampshire by the American employees of global companies.”

The report examining the impact of inbound FDI on New Hampshire’s economy is available at

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