New Hampshire must embrace renewable energy

To the editor:

Every day that we do not take action, climate change will continue to destroy the planet. The state of New Hampshire must transition to a renewable energy economy in order to combat climate change. Our state officials, including the governor, should be acting proactively to reduce emissions in the transportation sector while preserving passenger vehicle performance. Unfortunately, fossil fuel companies have lobbied our politicians to secure their profit at the expense of the people and planet.

Forty percent of the greenhouse emissions in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast area of the United States comes from transportation. Passenger vehicles comprise the largest source of unhealthy emissions here in New Hampshire. Senate Bill 275, vetoed by Gov. Chris Sununu, would have paved the way for the state to transition to alternative fuel vehicles, thus reducing the level of emissions and also saving money in the long term. This is incredibly alarming.

The bill would also have required that to the extent feasible and practical, all vehicles purchased and leased by the state be zero emission vehicles by the year 2041.

New Hampshire has an opportunity to lead the way in renewable energy. For years it’s been lamented that New Hampshire has an aging workforce. What better to vitalize our economy and bring in greater STEM opportunities than investing in renewable energy solutions in New Hampshire.

The time is now to demand that Governor Sununu and the rest of our state officials usher in a sustainable economy by passing this bill.

David Sanok


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