Jobless claims fall in New Hampshire

14% drop reported, reflecting national trend

Nhes BuildingUnemployment claims in New Hampshire fell by nearly 14% last week even as federal claims filed by Granite Staters seem to be holding steady as the state’s economy finds a way to cope with Covid-19 this winter.

While there were 2,896 initial state claims reported for the week ending Jan. 30, continuing claims – filed by people who are already collecting jobless benefits – fell as well. Some 27,638 continuing claims were filed in the week ending Jan. 23, 2% drop.

Those figures count traditional state unemployment claims. Many Granite Staters are eligible for, and collecting, special federal benefits – not paid by the state unemployment trust fund – during the pandemic.

For the week ending Jan. 16, there were 10,643 continuing claims going to gig workers, business owners and those staying home for dependent care issues or exposure to the virus. That’s down by 295. There were also 9,595 collecting extended benefits, which is up by 506.

Nationally, claims also fell. There were 779,000 new claims, an 8% percent decline, and 4.6 million continued claims, also a 20 percent decline.

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