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Thursday, October 29, 2020
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
This is a free, virtual event

Hiring and incorporating veterans for a stronger workplace culture. 

This fall NH Business Review is making it our mission to bridge perceived disconnects between the structure and demands of a civilian workplace and the chain of command in the military, National Guard and Reserves. This event digs into why hiring an employee with a military background can bring great value to your company and culture, and offers specific tactics for making it a high-value experience for all involved.

Join our virtual discussion that will address how employers can approach talent acquisition and establish employee retention with workers who have service backgrounds or who are in the National Guard or Reserves. Our interactive panel of veterans, representatives from notable veteran resource groups and HR professionals will discuss how employers can adapt their mindset and organizational system to benefit from this group of loyal workers.

The discussion will be followed by virtual networking that allows veterans and service members to connect with employers.

Meet the Panelists:

Michael Pacheco From Web

Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco, NH National Guard
Michael Pacheco, employment support specialist for the NH National Guard, connects members of the Guard/Reservists and potential employers. He has worked with companies such as Comcast to provide feedback for service members’ resumes, and Comcast has hired service members as a result of that experience.

Bruce Thompson From Web

Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson, NH Employer Support for the Guard and Reserves
Bruce Thompson, state chairman of the NH Employer Support for the Guard and Reserves, can speak about how his organization informs employers of requirements under the National Guard and Reserves and USERRA Act (which requires employers to retain their job when employees are called to duty). Recently, because the NH National Guard has been called to duty to assist with Covid testing, he said there are a number of employers who are reaching out to learn more, because they suspect their employees are not filling them in on the matter.

Grant Wege

Grant Wege

Grant Wege, sales executive, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Grant joined the Harvard Pilgrim sales team in November 2019.  As a sales executive, he is responsible for broker relationships and new business sales of New Hampshire large employer group customers. Originally from Londonderry, Grant joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and after six years of service, which included a deployment to Iraq, he accepted his first job in the health insurance industry. Since then his expertise has brought him to major national carriers including Cigna, United Healthcare, Anthem, Aetna and now Harvard Pilgrim. When he’s not volunteering his time for Make-A-Wish NH, Toys for Tots, United Way, and other local veterans organizations you’ll find him and his Siberian Husky, River, enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer.


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