Free e-book: Facility Manager’s Handbook

Helpful tips and practical advice for facility, property and office managers

It’s said that there’s never a slow day in property management.

There’s a need to keep detailed records, conduct inspections, show rental properties, create and execute a marketing plan, screen tenants, maintain the physical plant and provide accurate accounting, among many other tasks.

Property management is challenging, but there are ways to operate efficiently and successfully.

In the first of an ongoing series of e-books, NH Business Review will be examining the challenges specific to landlords and facility and property managers.

What’s inside this issue:

  • We dig into the recently signed law, SB-126, that revises the circumstances under which a tenant can stop eviction, updates rights to rental assistance and rewrites portions of the Fair Housing Law.
  • As workers return to offices after an extended time away, John Reuter, CEO of NewVo Interiors, sheds some light on what the new, hybrid office normal will look like in terms of design.
  • NH Business Review columnist Mark Aquilino discusses when, and why, you should show extra attention to your property.
  • Finally, check out our story on  five top facilities management software and applications that are becoming an invaluable part of doing business.

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