How To Protect Your Business In The Current, Extreme Landscape of Cyber Threats

Learn the latest best-practices to protect your business against the latest trends in cyberattacks and the criminals behind them.

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Jeffery Stutzman, CEO of Trusted Internet, has led cyber security in the U.S. Department of Defense as well as large defense and technology companies. He brings his wealth of first-hand, in-the-trenches knowledge of defending against ransomware, rootkits, and botnets, and the criminals (and countries) that deploy them to this webinar. You’ll learn the latest trends in cyberattacks here in New Hampshire, including “exponential ransomware,” and how to avoid them. And you’ll learn the mistakes most companies, and private homes, make when setting up networks – and how to keep your business’ and your family’s networks secure. 

This webinar was held on Thursday, December, 8, 2022.


Jeff Sutzman

Jeff Stutzman, CISSP
Founder/CEO, Chief Information Security Officer
Trusted Internet

Mr. Stutzman is the Founder and senior information security expert operating and supervising virtual CISOs and Managed Security Services to companies as small as three and as large as 7500.

Mr. Stutzman is a former Information Warfare focused Navy Intelligence Officer and Project Manager at Cisco, working in Mergers and Acquisitions, Investigations, and Global Cyber Risk Management. He was the CISO for Northrop Grumman Electronics Sector, a $16 billion global Electronics business; Principal Engineer at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, and a GS-15 with the US Government serving as Director of the DoD/DIB Collaborative Information Sharing Environment at the DoD Cyber Crime Center.

He has performed risk management, cyber investigations, and M&A in more than two dozen high-risk cyber threat areas including China, Brazil, the Middle East, and South America. He has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, NH Public Radio, and numerous trade publications.  He holds a BS from Excelsior College, an MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is a Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive Fellow.


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Ernesto Burden
Vice President and Publisher
Yankee Publishing | New Hampshire Group

Ernesto has been vice president digital for Newspapers of New England (NNE), group publisher at PennWell, vice president of digital media for The Telegraph and and related sites, as well as digital media director for the Rutland Herald and Times Argus newspapers in Vermont, online editor for The Telegraph and, and a print editor and reporter with daily and weekly newspapers. He’s spent his career at the intersection of publishing, digital evolution and marketing helping both publishers and advertisers maximize their digital visibility.

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