You can take part in the Telegraph’s online Voters Guide

The eight people who want to be the new Hillsborough County Registrar of Deeds are among more than 200 candidates for offices big and small who have been asked to participate in the Telegraph’s online Voters Guide.

This guide even allows you to print out a sample ballot specific to your address as a reminder when you go into the voting booth Sept. 9.

It was put together by the Telegraph using software from a company called E-The-People, partly to cope with the fact that New Hampshire’s House of Representatives, with 400 seats, is the third-largest elected body in the English-speaking world.

There are so many state representatives that a printed newspaper has trouble even listing them, let alone providing any information about the people running. Add in state senators, that unique New Hampshire institution known as the executive council, and high-profile seats, and the newsprint limit hits home.

Enter the endless Internet.

The Voter Guide allows the candidates themselves to upload biographical information and answer a few questions about issues facing their office.

Unlike most online political resources, it’s more concerned with the obscure than the well-known. You won’t find much except Web links for hopefuls seeking seats in Congress, or the governor and the executive council, but there’s considerably more details for representatives and some county positions.

You can see how many have responded so far by going to and clicking on the left-hand link that says “N.H. Campaigns 2008.” This leads to a page with enough political news to satiate a C-Span addict, plus a blue box titled “2008 Voter Guide.”

Type your address into that box, so it knows which races will be on your ballot, and you’re on your way.

But there’s no rush: The guide will stay online through the Nov. 11 election.