YMCA officials open to creating new site near city center

In updating aldermen on its facility plans last week, YMCA of Greater Nashua officials indicated they’d like to open a new site near the city’s geographic center.

That center is located near Exit 5 West of the F.E. Everett Turnpike.

A map showing the center pinpointed the location as being conspicuously near city-owned land in the area of Stellos Stadium and the Conway Ice Arena on Riverside Street, noted Alderman-at-Large David Deane.

In their presentation, Joe Manzoli, executive director of the Nashua YMCA branch, and CEO Michael LaChance didn’t specifically request or mention an arrangement with the city for a new facility in that location.

Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said a partnership isn’t out of the question.

“Yes, they’re interested in trying to do a partnership with the city,” Lozeau said.

She said she would be interested in an arrangement that could help the YMCA “to be able to affordably build a new facility in the city.”

The YMCA recently announced it’s selling its Prospect Street facility to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center for $4.5 million. The hospital hopes to renovate the building into medical offices.

While the closing isn’t until August, the sale means the YMCA will have no facility in the city from next summer until the YMCA opens a new one, which organization officials said they hope would be in 2010.

In the interim, members will be asked to use the facility in Merrimack.