Worker Bee Fund


2023 Goals:

1. Create six to ten new projects that improve the lives of disabled American service veterans at no charge to them.
2. Raise additional funds to cover those costs.
3. Increase our community of veterans, volunteers and fans of our mission.

Fundraising Events:

Second Annual Brewfest in October. Concerts at the Rex Theatre in Manchester, NH. Fun athletic competitions such as a Sprint Triathlon, Local 5k, and Quidditch (yes, a live Quidditch tournament here in NH).

Giving Opportunities:

We hold fundraisers over social media. We hold in-person fundraising events. We take material donations to apply on projects. All the funds we raise are spent on the projects.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We deliver curated volunteering opportunities for companies where employees can participate in a project. These can be great company work days, team-building events or feel-good experiences. The veterans get most of the benefit, but your employees will, too.

Board Officers / Board Members

Brian Hansen

Scott Plourde
Vice President

Laura Dodge

David Smith

John Monahan
Board Member

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