Work to start on cleaning, painting water tank

WILTON – The Wilton water storage tank will be out of service for about a month, starting Wednesday. The tank will be drained, cleaned and the inside painted.

“We will run tests on Tuesday,” water commissioner James Tuttle said. “If the tests are good, we’ll start drawing down on Wednesday.”

Water in the tank will be fed into the system.

“Hopefully, people won’t experience any difference in pressure,” Tuttle said explaining that new variable valves had been installed in the pumping station two years ago in anticipation of cleaning the storage tank. “But we’ve never actually done it.”

Asked about fire protection within the water district, Tuttle said, “We will rely more on mutual aid, ask for tankers sooner.” There will be water in the hydrants, he said, “but with diminished capacity.”

He said Fire Chief Ray Dick also plans to draw water from the Souhegan River if required.

“There may be a few bumps in the road,” Tuttle said, “but we don’t anticipate any problems.”