Why the tie will never die

There’s a subtle but powerful statement made by wearing a necktie

The necktie distinguishes a man’s appearance, perhaps more than any other single article of clothing. Surely there’s been a move away from suits and ties toward “business casual” in many work settings over the years. But when you really want to impress someone, the tailored suit with just the right shirt and tie combination is the way to go.

Neckties are still mandatory in many formal settings, even today. Bankers, financial advisers, attorneys, politicians, diplomats, news anchors – these are just some of the professions in which you still expect men to wear ties every day. Many sales jobs require jackets and ties. Even more casual-oriented men will suit up complete with the tie when making that big presentation or speech. And let’s face it: The tie is the centerpiece of two- and three-piece suits. It adds a crowning splash of color and design that – combined, let’s say with a matching pocket square — can completely transform the look of a particular suit.

Exclamation point

There’s a subtle but powerful statement made by wearing a necktie. The tie makes any formal suit complete. There is a thoroughness to completing a man’s outfit with a tie, and therefore it is a statement of respect. There will always be a strong market for neckties when you consider how well they complete a well dressed man’s look.

Ties can send a message too. The pattern, colors, backgrounds and art designs displayed on the tie can send a signal about the wearer’s mood or what kind of event he’s attending — festive, solemn or business. The tie’s message can be safe and neutral as well. Some of the most common traditional designs are patterns, such as stripes, paisley, dots, plaids, knitted and florals. Conversational ties have fashion-forward designs, themes and pictorial images. They can be great conversation starters and are just fun to wear.

So now we can see why the tie will never die.

Bernie Marchowsky is marketing director for George's Apparel, Manchester. His presentation, "Suitably Dressed," is offered free to organizations interested in learning about the basics of properly dressing in today’s business environment. For more information, call 603-622-5441.