What's your sign?

Whether or not the sign ordinances in Milford and Amherst are too strict will be the question discussed at the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce breakfast Thursday.

The meeting will be at Hampshire Hills at 8 a.m.

Chamber chairman Rick Boyd said he’s holding the meeting because he has heard complaints from business owners that sign regulations are too tough.

Boyd has suggested loosening sign rules to help businesses struggling in a poor economy.

But Milford Community Development Director Bill Parker says town officials tread a “delicate line” with sign rules that attempt to balance the needs of businesses, the community’s character, and abutters.

“You never make everyone happy,” Parker said.

For example, last year the illuminated sign overlooking what’s commonly known as the Stone Bridge in Milford generated numerous letters to the editor from unhappy residents.

There will be a full continental breakfast from Hampshire Hills. The cost is $10 per person.

The following officials are expected: Amherst Selectmen George Infante and Brad Galinson, Amherst Town Administrator Gary MacGuire, and longtime Amherst Planning Board member Marilyn Peterman.

Milford Planner Sarah Marchant and Milford Planning Board chair Janet Langdell.