Wellness fair coming to town

In tough times, staying healthy and connected to others is more important than ever, says the assistant principal of the Brookline’s two elementary schools. That’s why she’s organizing the school district’s first wellness fair.

The district’s two school nurses and two physical education teachers, as well as two first grade and two special-education teachers, have teamed up with assistant principal Kristina Henry, an effort aimed at helping not only the school community, but the larger community as well.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 7 from 5-8 p.m. at the Richard Maghakian Memorial School.

It won’t happen, however, without volunteers – everyone from physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers, mental health counselors, and other health and wellness professionals.

Henry said she is hoping to draw from a wide array of

“We have state regulations that mandate having a wellness committee and policy,” said the assistant principal at RMMS and the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy. “But our idea was to put on a wellness fair that would involve the community: students, staff, parents, and not just parents of school-age children, but of infants and toddlers.”

Henry said the committee envisioned a fair as a resource for area residents at every stage of life. In addition to young families, resources will target older people and those in middle age, she said.

“We’re encouraging vendors to offer incentives like trial classes or discounts,” Henry said, observing that the fair would likely boost business for local providers while giving families incentives to stay healthy.

Henry said the school has room for up to 30 tables.

Interested vendors should call the assistant principal at 673-0122 by April 1.
“It’s a great thing for the community, and it tied in perfectly” with the state rule, Henry said. “Our mission is to provide student and staff and community wellness.”