Water mains, hydrants to be flushed soon

MERRIMACK – The Merrimack Village District will be flushing main water lines and hydrants next week to dislodge naturally occurring sediment from within pipes.

The flushing may cause temporary minor street flooding, low water pressure and water discoloration.

The following areas will be affected from April 20-24, from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m.:

Beaver Brook, Brookside, Carrie, Danbury, Greenwich, Heritage, Maidstone, Matthew, Ministerial, Paige, Roundtree and Walden drives; Burt, Cathy, Center, Constance, Depot, Derry, Elm, Front, Maple, McElwain, Pine and Pleasant streets; Bedford, Blair, Cabot, Davis, Grapevine, Lyons, Patten, Pearson and Woodridge roads; Brenda, Bramber, Carriage, Jakes, Kittredge, Madison, Whispering Pines and Windover lanes; Haise, Ravencroft, Reeds Ferry and Vista ways; and Daniel Webster Highway.

For questions, call 424-9241, ext. 100.