Vandals hit SHARE agency offices under renovation

MILFORD – Just days after starting to renovate their new building, SHARE volunteers found the facility vandalized over the weekend.

The charitable organization bought the building, off Elm Street, two weeks ago from the Knights of Columbus. Officials were excited by the opportunity to have the extra space to give their clients more privacy and more handicap accessibility.

“It’s very disheartening,” SHARE co-director Carolyn Momenee said Monday morning.

Volunteers, including local businesspeople and SHARE clients, had started working on the building Friday afternoon, doing the demolition work necessary to begin dividing the space into offices.

Instead, said volunteer Mo Facques, they came in Saturday to find a mess. So the volunteers cleaned up as best they could and secured the side door where the vandals had entered.

Vandals sprayed the inside with fire extinguishers, broke a window and some dishes and stole food intended for volunteers working to renovate the new facility.

On Saturday night, the vandals returned but could not get inside. Instead, they damaged the outside of the building, breaking the glass in two doors, as well as another window.

Police are investigating.

“It’s kind of a shame,” said Facques. “It’s so senseless. People are volunteering their time and money to make SHARE even better than it has been.”

Facques said people have volunteered to take shifts standing guard at night.

The 30-year-old agency, which had outgrown its space at St. Patrick Church in Milford, is hoping to move into the new building before the holidays. It runs a food pantry and a clothing barn; last year the agency spent $260,000 helping people pay for fuel, rent and other expenses.