UNH suspends 2nd fraternity

DURHAM – University of New Hampshire officials have suspended another fraternity after two students were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning, officials said Monday.

The fraternity, Phi Mu Delta, hosted a party for prospective members Friday night, when the chapter president and other executive officers were present.The two students who were treated at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital were prospective members, the school said. They were among seven teenage students arrested on alcohol possession charges as a result of the party, officials said.

Last week, UNH suspended Sigma Beta after a drug raid in which nine fraternity members were arrested on drug charges.

The organizations have 10 days to appeal, but both suspensions will remain in effect pending hearings before the UNH Office of Conduct and Mediation.

Both fraternities will be denied “all rights and privileges of a recognized student organization, including loss of rights and privileges of membership in the UNH Inter-fraternity Council,” the university said.

“The incident is very serious and disappointing, but does not represent the majority of our Greek chapters or the members of our community,” said MaryAnne Lustgraaf, student activities director, in a written press release.

“The chapters and University have been holding these organizations more accountable in recent years and have made strong efforts to maintain high standards based upon chapter values and standards of conduct,” she added in the release.

“The safety of students remains paramount, and we will not hesitate to enforce existing policies. It is sad that the actions of a small group of students reflect poorly upon the positive actions of the entire community.”