Truck freed from ice at Lake Potanipo

BROOKLINE – A truck that was stuck on Lake Potanipo last week has been freed from its frozen prison.

The mishap occurred sometime over the weekend of Jan. 24 after a group of men drove onto the lake and got stuck when the truck’s wheels broke through the ice.

The men eventually raised the truck using four vertical timbers and freed it, although it was never submerged.

“I saw the truck parked in Nissitissit Park, near the covered bridge,” Selectman Clarence Farwell said Monday morning.

Farwell said the removal appeared to go off without a hitch, so to speak. “All of a sudden, I drove by and it was gone, parked in the parking area,” the selectman said.

Todd Szewczyk, a conservation officer for the state Fish and Game Department, went to the scene last week after receiving a call from the town police department.

On Monday, Szewczyk confirmed that the truck was removed Friday, although he had no further details. “It’s good to see that they got the vehicle off the ice without further incident,” Szewczyk said.