Time for some competition?

It can be rather amusing to hear the health insurance industry voice its concerns over a proposal to create a “public” health plan – a prospect that it claims will result in untold millions of customers forsaking them for government coverage.

Let’s get this straight: This is the very same bureaucratic, inefficient, often misguided federal government that can’t do anything better than the private sector can?

Government, we have been told for decades, is inherently inefficient, restrictive and impersonal. Why would consumers choose that?

In fact, if businesses were afraid to compete with government, Federal Express would be whining about shutting down the U.S. Postal Service, private campgrounds would want to get rid of state and federal parks and Dartmouth College would be clamoring that they can’t hack it because of state-supported schools like the University of New Hampshire.

Come on now. This is America — the land of competition. If the government thinks it can do a better job … bring ‘em on.