Thrice-deported man nabbed again

A Canadian national who has been kicked out of the United States three times previously was sentenced Wednesday to nine months in jail for having come back yet again, federal prosecutors announced.

Bruce Morine, 45, had been jailed since his arrest and indictment last year, after federal immigration agents found he was living in Milford, Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Gunnison announced.

Morine, also known as Terry Morine, Bruce Kelly, and Kevin Kelly, had been deported from the United States three times from October 1986 through May 2008. Morine was sentenced to six years in prison in 1988, after he was convicted of reentering the U.S. and transportation of stolen goods, prosecutors stated in court records.

Morine could have faced up to 20 years in prison under federal law, but was sentenced to just nine months after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors. Although Morine has already served his sentence, he will remain in custody pending deportation, prosecutors said.