Thinking ahead

Last week, the Board of Education approved the calendar for the 2009-10 school year. Unlike in recent years, the beginning of the school year won’t be until September.

The first day of school will be Tuesday, Sept. 1. Students will go to school three days that week, with Friday off. Labor Day is Monday, Sept. 7. The last day of school is tentatively scheduled for June 17, 2010, barring any snow days.

At Monday night’s meeting, Superintendent Christopher Hottel said the district looked at various options for the calendar, including starting school a week earlier.

Board members said they would like to see the district get creative when developing the calendar in future years. Steve Haas pointed out that the United States has the shortest school year in the world.

“A lot of people debate about whether that is enough or not,” he said.

Board member Charlie Katsohis, a longtime principal in the district, said he would want to see students go to school on Presidents Day. The holiday falls a week before school vacation and isn’t necessary, he said.

“I would have school that day and just get out earlier in June,” he said.

97-100 A+    98-100   A+
93-96 A 95-97   A
90-92 A- 92-94   A-
87-89 B+ 89-91   B+
83-86 B 86-88   B
80-82 B- 83-85   B-
77-79 C+   80-82   C+
73-76 C 77-79   C
70-72 C- 74-76   C-
67-69  D+ 68-70   D+
63-66 D 65-67  D
60-62 D- 65-67  D-
0-59 F 0-64  F