Thieves target generators, condo

Thieves have exploited people’s hard luck in the five-day-long power outage by stealing generators, police said.

At least two generators and a compressor have been stolen from property owners, and there was an attempted theft of another compressor, Hudson police Sgt. Tad Dionne said.

A condominium on Overlook Circle was burglarized after its owners left because they didn’t have power, Dionne said.

Dionne couldn’t release many details since the crimes are still being investigated. He said three of the thefts were reported early Monday. Another was reported Sunday night.

Although most Hudson residents have had their power restored, Dionne recommended that those who don’t secure their generators with chains or some other method and to turn them off when they go out.

“That seems to be the biggest problem,” he said. “People go out to dinner and they leave their generator running, and they come back and there’s no generator,” he said.