Teen charged with burglary and arson at several homes

A 14-year-old burglarized two homes on Joppa Road, taking a pistol and ammunition and setting a small fire in one of the residences, police said.

The burglary and vandalism spree were reported to police Monday. Among the items stolen were a 9mm pistol and ammunition. Police recovered the weapon before it was believed to have been used. As police investigated the burglaries, it was determined the teen set a small fire inside one of the homes and had extinguished it before the residents arrived, police said.

Stolen merchandise recovered by police include video games, assorted jewelry, DVDs and a global positioning satellite unit. A “significant amount” of property is still being sought by police.

The teen will be charged as a juvenile; he faces a felony arson charge, two counts of felony burglary and a felony firearm theft charge, police said.