Taser used on man allegedly making threats

PELHAM – A Pelham man threatening to kill his neighbors managed to rip Taser prongs out of his body during a struggle with police.

David Campbell, 46, of 45 Bridge St., appeared drunk when police arrived at his apartment around 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to police. Two neighbors had called to complain about a dispute.

Campbell, who was also unaffected by pepper spray, continued to fight with the officer until backup arrived and brought him to the ground, a statement from Pelham police said.

Campbell faces several charges, including criminal threatening and assault on a police officer. He was jailed, with bail set at $5,000 pending a court appearance in Salem on Wednesday morning.

Pelham Master Patrol Officer Eugene Stahl was the first to respond to Campbell’s apartment in the Pro Lynn Apartment Complex, according to police. Despite Stahl’s attempts to calm him down, Campbell continued to threaten his neighbors and then turned his aggression on the officer, police said.

When Stahl tried to arrest Campbell, the physical struggle began, police said.

Campbell continued to fight with police despite being struck with the Taser – which uses electricity to stun the muscles and is supposed to temporarily incapacitate a person – and sprayed with “OC spray,” police said.

Campbell was treated for his injuries by Pelham Fire Rescue.