Talking About Technology: How to ensure ‘ePeace of Mind’ in 2009

As the new year approaches, we’re making plans to improve ourselves and our businesses in 2009. We’ll leave the self-improvement plans up to each individual, but we’d like to help you with technology solutions to improve and grow your business in 2009 and beyond.

The coming year presents more technology challenges than ever before for businesses: disaster preparation; hardware/software upgrades; complex business/technology decisions; computer viruses; stricter software licensing; the need for qualified IS/IT staff; development of efficient systems; and planning technology budgets in a time of increasing costs.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions for what we call “ePeace of Mind” — the feeling that comes from knowing that someone else is worrying about your technology, you can focus on growing your business or devoting more time to your personal life:

• Prepare your company for disaster. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 45 percent of businesses will be viable two years after disaster strikes, making disaster preparation very important.

• Set up computers, software and networks for a new or existing business and upgrade when necessary.

• Get access to more information in order to make better business decisions. The right technology and technical expertise give valuable information for wise decisions.

• Protect your business from computer viruses. Viruses can destroy company data. According to International Data Corp. statistics, 60 percent of companies that lose all of their data close in six months. Viruses are increasing, and virus protection is crucial.

• Become knowledgeable about the amount of software licenses you can own and have installed. There are strict laws and regulations regarding software licensing. Non-compliance can damage a company’s reputation and bottom line.

• Set up or increase IS/IT staff with qualified professionals. This is an ongoing concern for new or established businesses.

• Eliminate costly technology mistakes and increase productivity with systems and processes that increase efficiency.

• Create a technology plan with budget projections. Technology budget planning prevents expensive mistakes and expenditures.

• Be proactive instead of reactive regarding technology issues and solutions. Business and technology change at lightning speeds, and you must keep up to stay competitive.

You can start the New Year on the right foot with ePeace of Mind for a worry-free 2009 – and put your company one step ahead of the competition.

Marc Berthiaume is president and CEO of MJB Technology Solutions, a vendor-neutral technology adviser and partner for small to medium-sized businesses. He can be reached at