Student gets suspension for carrying knife to school

NASHUA – A Mount Pleasant Elementary School student has been suspended for 10 days after it was discovered that he brought a pocketknife to school.

Principal Mary-Frances Tintle said that Wednesday it was learned a student had a pocketknife in his backpack. Tintle said a teacher became aware the student was in possession of a knife and asked the student for it. The student gave it to the teacher without hesitation, Tintle said.

The next day, a letter was sent home to parents Thursday informing them of the incident.

In the letter, Tintle stressed that at no time was the knife used or were any other students threatened with it.

“He didn’t have it out,” she said. “He wasn’t showing it to kids.”

Tintle said she didn’t know how the teacher was tipped off to the student being in possession of the knife. She said the suspension handed down was per district policy.