Store holds Chap. 11 information session

MERRIMACK – It’s not often that Robin Boivin, a certified public accountant, finds herself at a hands-free, thermal bed massage parlor for professional development.

But Boivin recently attended a free workshop at Katie’s Back in Merrimack that explained the different types of bankruptcy protection individuals can apply for, when it should be considered, what other options exist and how to navigate the legal process.

Boivin said she attended the seminar because a number of her clients have peppered her with questions about their financial difficulties.

“Especially during tax season people have come in and they don’t know what to do. They don’t know where to turn,” Boivin said. “In this economy it shouldn’t be a surprise.”

Hard Times: Reasons & remedies

Almost 4,000 people filed chapter seven and 13 bankruptcies last year, according to data on the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of New Hampshire’s Web site.

This year 677 people have filed, according to the site.

The free bankruptcy presentation was held at Katie’s Back, a hands-free massage parlor on Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack.

Owner Katie Choo invited Manchester-based bankruptcy attorney Robert Moore to her shop to offer the info session. About half a dozen people came to listen to Moore’s talk.

“We do these workshops to let people know what’s out there for help,” said Moore, a member of Bostock Donais. “It’s not just advice, it’s knowledge. I like to give people their options.”

For Choo, it’s a way to help her customers and the community cope with the economy and the stress that comes with it.

There are many different types of stress, Choo explained, and she wants people to be able to conquer all of them. She’s will to try interesting things to help, including offering bankruptcy info.

“It’s really about de-stressing,” Choo said.

“It’s all about relaxing the body and the mind. Money’s obviously a big source of stress. I think there’s a big demand for this.”