Station owner fixes water-in-gas glitch

The owner of the Irving gasoline station on South Street in Milford says he is taking care of all customers whose engines were damaged when water got into a fuel tank last week.

Bruce Fortin, president of CK Smith Fuel and Energy Company of Worcester, Mass., said ice buildup in the parking lot Jan. 29 caused a pipe to break, allowing water to get into the unleaded regular tank. The incident occurred between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

“As soon as the alarm system triggered, we shut the station down and removed the gas from that tank and replaced it,” he said.

Five customers reported problems, Fortin said. “We are in the process of taking care of all five by paying all expenses – in most cases that involves draining the fuel tank and gas line and replacing the fuel filter.”

The company sent out a press release asking any customers who are experiencing engine trouble to save their receipts and contact the station.

“We are very sad any customers were affected,” Fortin said. “Unfortunately mechanical systems sometimes fail.”

CK Smith Fuel owns 24 gas stations, two in New Hampshire.