Sing along for line workers

On Sunday night people will have a chance to show their appreciation to the linemen who have been working hard to restore power throughout the state by coming to Hampshire Hills in Milford, 50 Emerson Road, a few hundred yards southeast of the intersection of Route 101 and Route 13, at 8 p.m. Hundreds of linemen have been staying at the athletic complex this week, coming from Canada and across the U.S.

People are asked to bring a dessert, or any other food or drink that the men can enjoy at dinner or on the road the next day. Be prepared to sing a few Christmas carols, too.

Those with any other ideas, like bringing the church choir, or decorating the Christmas tree that will be put up, should call organizer John Lumbard at 732-2591. Those participating are asked “on arrival, please park your car at the Hampshire Dome, the large white dome just east of Hampshire Hills, and walk over with the spirit of Christmas in your heart.”