Simple strategies can super-charge your Internet marketing

Having an effective Web site means more than just keeping the content on message and up to date. There are also a number of other strategies to consider in your Internet marketing plan.• Blogs: I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to blog on a regular basis. The chances of your competition embracing this strategy are slim to none. Sadly, excuses are abundant for why a business owner doesn’t blog. You need to get over it and start blogging. The great news is blogs can be very relaxed. They don’t have to be perfect.Your blog needs to be part of your main site, rather than part of a blogging service site. Blogging will help you build trust with your prospects and clients’ prospects. In addition, blogging helps your search engine ranking.• Members and V.I.P. client area or social media: If you have any type of business that can “package up” some exclusive content, you can start a member or client area. This area can add value and enhance the experience of your clients. If a member area seems like a little much, you can create the same effect with a well thought-out Facebook business page/fan page.• Search engine optimization: Things change fast in the search engine world. The formulas for ranking change. The content that major search engines see as valuable changes and the list of technical stuff that changes goes on and on. But there are two other arguments for keeping an eye on and updating your search engine optimization.Competitors pop up and competitors get savvy. When a new competitor opens in your area, you can bet they’ll have a Web site. Eventually their Web site will compete for the valuable real estate of page-one search engine rankings.The other side of this coin is when a competitor suddenly gets savvy about search engine marketing. When either one of these two things happens, your job is to turn up your search engine marketing so you can secure and protect your valuable real estate on the Internet.Being aware of these strategies – and using them – will put you on your way to super-charging your Internet marketing.Mike Dolpies, a business owner, author, speaker and Internet marketing consultant, can be reached at 603-286-4864