School's budget increase contingent on kindergarten

LYNDEBOROUGH – The proposed Central School operating budget for the 2009-10 school year will rise 6.75 percent, but if the kindergarten addition is defeated, the increase will be 1.7 percent.

The proposed budget, as well as the bond issue for the addition, will be presented at a public hearing Wednesday, Jan. 14, 7 p.m., at the Central School.

The operating budget totals $1,439,631. Without kindergarten offered at the Central School, the total is $1,370,259. The difference in the budget is the costs of additional staff and supplies for kindergarten, as well as the district’s share of the interest on the bond for the addition.

An alternative plan for kindergarten, should the addition again be voted down, is still under consideration by the school board, but will be finalized by the hearing. Alternatives include tuitioning students to another public or private school. The state is requiring all communities to offer public kindergarten starting the next school year.

The school district deliberative session will be held in early February and voters will get a chance to decide the fate of the budget and the addition in March.