Richie McFarland Children’s Center

Over four decades of trading questions for answers, fear and uncertainty for hope and challenges for opportunities.


2021 Goals:

Our goal for the coming year is to continue to set children on the path to success by: listening to parents’ concerns and questions about their child’s development; identifying areas of strength and concern; creating child-specific goals with a comprehensive, family-centered plan on how the child will meet them; empowering parents and caregivers with knowledge of how to best work with and support their child; supporting each child’s success through certified, expert occupational, speech and physical therapy and early childhood education; encouraging and celebrating every small change and advocating for each child’s best interests and needs as he/she transitions to school. Two areas of focus in the coming year will be on:

  • building awareness of the critical importance of a child’s early development and the early identification of needs as well as increasing parent comfort level with initiating assessments while reducing the stigma attached to identified delays and need for intervention and
  • advocating at the state level for the most effective infrastructure for the system of care and the appropriate provision of funds to identify and support all children in need of early intervention.

Fundraising Events:

In an effort to keep everyone safe this year, we have canceled our two major fundraising events, amounting to a potential loss of over $40,000 of revenue. In celebration of RMCC’s 50th anniversary, we are set to launch a virtual campaign in March, “Stadium of Support.” We hope to garner financial support to continue our mission of “welcoming children onto the team” who may otherwise have been excluded due to a delay or disability. Visit our website to stay up to date on this special campaign!

Giving Opportunities:

There is no shortage of giving opportunities at RMCC. This past year we served 328 children, each one with individual and important needs, every one vulnerable and deserving of the best start in life. You can be a part of changing the trajectory of a child’s life by making a financial donation to RMCC’s annual campaign at any time, by sponsoring one of our fundraising events, by designating RMCC as the recipient of donations made in memory of a loved one or securing the future of RMCC with a gift to our endowment.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We love our volunteers! One of the best ways to support our mission is by serving as an advocate for the importance of early childhood development simply by talking with friends, family and community members about the work that we do at RMCC. Ongoing volunteer opportunities include positions on our board and/or one of our standing committees. We rely on the expertise of business men and women to offer pro bono work in areas of design, finance and HR. Short-term volunteer opportunities are available each year through our fundraising events, spring/fall cleanup projects or various administrative projects.

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Brenda Plante
Board President

Helen Crowe
Board Vice President
Clinical Psychologist

Karin Caruso
Board Treasurer

Laura Eldridge
Board Secretary

Emily Hammond
Member at Large

Katie Feeney
Self-employed Writer

Rick Feeney
Core Physicians

James Freiburger
Retired, SNHU

Kit Reno

Marty Wool

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