Red Cross seeks help for victims

NASHUA – The 10 families who were left homeless by Monday’s fire on Vine Street have lost just about everything they own, Red Cross officials said.

The Red Cross is offering shelter, food and clothing. Some have already been provided shelter by their landlord, Central Realty.

As the Red Cross helps to take care of the victims, the community can help the Red Cross.

“The best way for people to help the families left homeless by the fire is to donate money to the Red Cross,” said Karen Dudley of the Nashua Red Cross.

Dudley said if those who donate specifically note that the money is to be used for “local disaster relief” it will go toward the same fund that is providing shelter for the fire victims and any other victims of local disasters.

The help for those devastated by Monday’s blaze will not end there. The Red Cross will also assist in permanently resettling the victims with rent assistance and other services.

In all, 30 people were left homeless by the fire.

To donate, send or drop off checks to the American Red Cross, NHGateway Chapter, 28 Concord Street, Nashua, NH 03064, go online to donate at or call 889-6664.

Dudley was at the scene of the fire Monday, and has just finished reuniting a mother with her 17-year-old son. “They couldn’t find each other after the fire,” said Dudley who was dealing with fire victims and directing them to the Red Cross truck near the fire site.

“A lot of these families are low income people. They’ve lost everything.”

Dudley said all the families will be provided housing and will be a given a credit card to go out and replace clothes and personal items they need.