Public meetings

Here are the public meetings scheduled for the coming week:


School Strategic Planning Steering Committee (regular Board of Education immediately follows), Nashua High School North boardroom, 5 p.m.

Human Affairs Committee – public hearing: amended R-09-158, authorizing the mayor to apply for the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Grant, fiscal 2010 (regular meeting immediately follows), Aldermanic Chamber, 7 p.m.

School Ad Hoc Superintendent Search Committee, Nashua High School North boardroom, 7 p.m.


School Policy Committee, Nashua High School North boardroom, 4 p.m.


Continuum of Care, City Hall Auditorium, 8 a.m.

Joint meeting Ira F. Harris Legacy Trustees/Moses Hunt Trust Fund Trustees, Nashua Public Library Hunt Room, 10 a.m.

Finance Committee, Aldermanic Chamber, 7 p.m.


Board of Assessors, City Hall Room 208, 8:15 a.m.

School Budget Committee, School Administration, 6:30 p.m.


Special Board of Public Works, 67 Amherst St./Sawmill Road, 3 p.m.