Protest location

Local opponents of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have changed the venues of one of their protests, ending their “vigils” outside the offices of Republican lawmakers and now targeting a Democrat.

Members of will stand outside the Main Street office of U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes to remind him of his campaign opposition to the wars started by the Bush administration, group member Dave Tiffany wrote in an e-mail.

Now in his second term, Hodes has “done little to bring our troops home,” Tiffany said.

“And now that the White House is occupied by a Democrat, his only action has been to appropriate more money to prolong the deadly wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last week, he voted to enable the continuation of these wars with another $106 billion, a sum which will take us only through the rest of the year.”

A spokesman for Hodes, Mark Bergman, said the Democrat has held and will continue to hold the Obama administration “accountable to bring our troops home as safely and swiftly as possible.”

Hodes co-authored legislation that would require the White House to produce an exit strategy from Afghanistan, Bergman wrote in an e-mail.

Hodes, though, has approved funding because “we must not leave our troops without the resources they need in the field to be successful in their mission,” Bergman said. had previously protested outside former Rep. Charles Bass’ downtown office, and then moved to the shared office of Sen. Judd Gregg and former Sen. John Sununu.