Parks and Rec, TV style

Which of these scenarios came from a sitcom: A town official wants to turn a hole in the ground into a park or a town is considering using goats to clear poison ivy from a new canoe launch?

If you saw the premiere of NBC’s new show, “Parks and Recreation,” on April 9, you’d know the first was on the sitcom.

And if you’ve been involved in the work at Milford’s Kaley Park, you know the canoe launch scenario was real.

The premiere was a hot topic around Milford Town Hall last week.

Several employees tuned in to see how closely the show mirrored their experiences in small-town government.

On “Parks and Recreation,” Amy Poehler, of “Saturday Night Live” fame, plays a perky deputy director of the parks and recreation department in Pawnee, Ind.

Milford’s Recreation Director Nicole Banks and Town Hall Executive Assistant Dawn Griska thought the show offered a humorous, and exaggerated, look at what it’s like to work in small-town government.

Both also wondered if the general public would get the jokes. “I have my doubts, but it’s funny while it lasts,” said Banks.