Parker resigns from school panel

Milford School Board member John Parker has resigned, effective March 23. Parker, who could not be reached for comment, was elected in March 2008.

Chairman Peter Bragdon said the board will decide at its next meeting, Monday, April 6, how it will fill the position.

According to School Board member Paul Dargie, “it is likely that board members will be given an opportunity at that meeting to nominate people to replace John, and votes will be taken on the nominations.

“If a majority of those voting cannot agree on a nominee, then it would go to the selectmen to choose a replacement board member. This is what happened when Bob Willette was appointed to the board about six years ago,” said Dargie in an e-mail.

Neither Bragdon nor Dargie would say why Parker resigned.

Parker, 40, said last year that he ran for the school board to help ensure that his children and all students get the best education possible at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.