No hiding from public in Milford

Sometimes local officials violate the state’s Right-to-Know Law and sometimes they’re scrupulous about adhering to it, but they seldom bring the law out during a meeting and read from it.

Last week the Milford School Board was talking about the possibility of Lyndeborough sending its kindergarten students to Milford.

When they got into a discussion about whether Milford should offer a quantity tuition discount, Chairman Peter Bragdon speculated on whether the board could “hide from you,” meaning the two reporters in the audience.

So Bragdon reached into his papers and brought out a summary of the law’s provisions that allow boards to go into nonpublic session.

After reading them out loud, the chairman decided none of them applied, and the board proceeded to talk about the possible discount in public.

Bragdon is probably more familiar with the law since he is also a state senator and publisher and editor of the Milford Observer, a weekly paper.