NHBR Network: new online forum for businesses

NHBR Network, a new online business-to-business networking site, has been launched by NHBR as a forum where the state’s businesspeople can share resources, information, ideas, opinions — anything that businesses can use to keep up to date and competitive.

Modeled on LinkedIn and Facebook, NHBR Network gives members their own page from which they can post blogs, seek advice from or offer help to other members, form discussion groups, add events to our live interactive calendar, post videos and photos — in short, it’s a great tool for networking and doing business.

Another highlight of NHBR Network is an array of bloggers already hard at work, offering their expertise on topics ranging from the law, business financing and marketing to employer-employee relations and organizational development.

NHBR Network membership is free. To get started, visit www.NHBRNetwork.com, fill out a simple form and then enjoy the benefits of being a member of the NHBR Network.