2021 Goals:

New Hampshire is home to some of the most pristine lakes in the country. These irreplaceable natural resources are critical to our quality of life and the economy. But our lakes face a growing number of threats, many of which could change these cherished waters, forever — changing the way we recreate and relax and the way we do business. Two years ago, we launched the LakeSmart Lake-Friendly Living Program to reduce the harm our lakes face from polluted runoff water. We must expand our efforts. There must be a time when being LakeSmart is the norm in New Hampshire.

Engagement Opportunities:

Our lakes can’t take care of themselves. NH LAKES encourages everyone who cares about New Hampshire’s lakes to get involved in their care. NH LAKES has published the LakeSmart Guide for Lake-Friendly Living, which is available for download from the NH LAKES store at nhlakes.org. In addition, the NH LAKES website, nhlakes.org, should be your place to go with all your lake conservation questions. There, you will also learn about upcoming and recorded webinars and other ongoing educational opportunities.

Giving Opportunities:

You can help keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy by making a donation at nhlakes.org. Consider joining the growing community of Lake Keepers by setting up monthly contributions. Businesses interested in doing their part can go to nhlakes.org/business to learn more. Businesses providing services in homeowner- related sectors are invited to apply to become a LakeSmart Service Provider Partner.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Every summer, NH LAKES trains over 300 volunteers to serve as Lake Hosts at boat ramps throughout the state. These Lake Hosts serve as the front-line defense against the spread of aquatic invasive species. If you are interested in learning more, visit nhlakes.org/lakehost. If you are a property owner at or near a lake, you can volunteer to take the first step to becoming LakeSmart by taking the online property owner self-assessment at nhlakes.org/lakesmart. NH LAKES board of directors will consider individuals interested in serving as a director.

Board Officers / Board Members

Bruce Freeman
Private Equity Portfolio Consultant and Executive Advisor

John Edie
Vice Chair
Attorney, Retired

Robert W. Reed
Formerly ExxonMobil

John-Michael Girald
Peloton Advisory, LLC

Kim Godfrey
PBS Learning Institute

Susan R. Goodwin
Teacher and Researcher, Retired

Shirley Green
Teacher, Retired

Breckie Hayes-Snow
Legal Aid and Referral Center

Andre A. Hunter
Hunter Travel Service

Chris Hussey
Baker Newman Noyes

Stuart Lord
Formerly Proctor & Gamble

James Lovell
Northwest Mutual

Brad W. Melson
Orr & Reno, PA

Roger F. Murray, III

Susy Reed
Museum Educator

Robert W. Shaw, Jr.
Arete Venture Management

Robert N. Snelling
Environmental Engineer, Retired

Elaine Warshell
Attorney, Retired



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